Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Thin Line

Many ages passed n one thought has remained..
The question of "To Be or not to Be" has a very thin line in between!
We, being humans, search for happiness every moment....
n The paths are accordingly drawn!
what we miss out is debited
n the credits always turn out too less!
good n evil are very unanimous words....
For we fail to decide between bad n worse!
Scope n Hope too have a thin line in between
n Stress n Frustration often win!
Friendship n luv has a thin line in between....
Where a misunderstanding makes the boundaries thick!
Care n force have a thin line in between
n Delivery rules the arena!
Relationships seem a turmoil...
Where the thin line of trust wavers!
Our lives are always between lines....
Where thick n thin have very few choices!
To break the pattern is out of question....
For somebody else makes the blue print!
To give up is the easiest thing to do....
n to fight we have no support!
What are we humans capable of??
If the lines written by Lord are alien!
How much more can one weep?
Wondering about not just his plight but also others!
These thin lines decide our destiny....
n we wonder about everything but them!!!!!

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