Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The erratic lines.....................

"Dedicated to a dear frnd who taught me a lot!"
in my words n my style, im trying to c how well can i describe wht i c him as!

i look into my palms........
i c lines drawn by destiny!

wht i write...............may be indirect...
wht i directly from my heart!!

they say....a mans destiny is his own....
he makes or maars' it on his own!

take a look at me to feel how true it is!

my palms once soft
today are filled with scars of experience!

i breathe in an air filled with mixed emotions!
these eagle eyes.....have a shadow of love with hollowness!

i have time to attend to ppl
but fail to attend to my call!

these palms have several lines to keep them company
i search....... for my soul mate!

i dont regret.... i dont remorse!
for proud am i of wht i am n have become!!

this heart still has a lot of space to rent.....
though it may be a little less expressive!

My deeds may not be explicit
but give them a thgt to feel wht they were abt!

The self has a lot of shades......
Its the observers' wish to read wht they plz!

Im bound only to love.....
n ppl binding to me is purely their call!

the magnetism of my presence is felt by those
who possess the heart to bare my burst!

through the years ive seen myself change
the rock now has a few stories carved on it by time!

every sigh n every laugh has a note
my feet dance to only my tunes!

i am self content...........
but am open to shower the magical touch!

look into my eyes to feel life
take my hand, to take a trip of paradise!!

the urge of my desire keeps me going
I breathe my dream every moment!

The dark side of the moon doesnt blind me......
i manage to surpass the eclipse!

My longing eyes do not restrict my dreams
For i let go of the sand thru my palm, by my choice!

these erratic lines tease destiny
n i live each day by the moment!

If life is wonderful only when one smiles..........
I beg to differ to say..." Life is itself a wonderful gift that one understands the worth of a smile
after a tear n the worth of a tear after smiles!!"