Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No exception.....

A lot of us wish to be an exception......n thats no exception!
We dream abt a hell lot of things which according to us wld make a difference.... thats again no exception!

And the case of a person like me who wants to make ppl happy definitely is no exception
! just like "self realization" being the ultimate 'In' thing......happiness is the most sought out thing today...again nothing new!

The best part of life remains...that we do good not to help but in lieu of that praise...consciously or unconsciously! and things seem more of give n take rather than a policy of luv!

I being no exception try n make ppl happy thinking that one deed may seriously make a difference...frgt abt thinking abt the huge plan of getting praise [believe me im very lazy to think abt such huge plans!], n i start waiting for that one joyous moment of smile!
And so it seems that my life revolves arnd the various dreams that rise frm these deeds!

we often dont understand our heart [again no exception] n we ponder..u gt praised, u donno wht to do coz of ur modesty n on the other hand wait to b noticed!
The questions that pop up need an answer, though they arnt any new ones its just that the situations change n the questions seem different in respect of the context!

n sum how....im at that turn of realization that may be i really haven't made any difference in any body's life but i hav decided to stay calm till i do...even if it means running out of their lives!
I'm sure u'll b thinking of me as a lunatic...well thats no exception!

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Yuva said...

Ratings like critics...
seldom change the ingredients
of recipes tasted,
selected to mix and feed!
opinions are what they are.
AND that depends on who and where you are,
with or without an appetite to digest...
only that which you alone will approve!
rest of it is flourished in fluff...
or rebuffed by choice!
Yes, always an exception!
a cursing chef is rarely heard or seen
and could care less.
as long as what is served is eaten.
that is the only concern

you made difference.. ask your parents, friends,..feel the needed feeling.

though the day begins to fade
the emptiness inside just unfolding
opening wide - disgorging black desperation
replaced by cold acceptance