Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Day of the Jackal!!

A guy so perfect.....
was hunted down...
Im so imperfect,
so, will i be spared??
each nite I gulp down the pills....
n await for them to take toll!
Ideas, work scope n desires clog my mind...
I sit upright n write my budget!
The goal now definitely far away
For the yards seem to increase!
The once well planned deed....
Shatters without loopholes
Negativity fills the character
the hand i write!
What has become of me is certainly unknown!
for the past again hurts my nerves!
My day seems to have ended....
The feeling of freedom, now behind bars!
The ache is beyond resistance
the pills dont seem to work!
Silent tears flow down the cheek!
n i wonder wht they were for?!
The Jackal earned half a million....
n im crying abt half a buck!
So much we seem to have in common
For our Destinies share similarities!
I cry each day
hoping to be spared!
This character is worthless...
I wonder what was i earlier!
No clues, no grains, no memories
Of wht was I, that this has becum of me!
One experience, a few months did so much damage!
So much for immunity!
The day of the Jackal seems immensely near....
n I can be saved only by me!


Damanpreet singh said...

that is a good one

Yuva said...

if you think Jackal.. will come save
he is here not to stay

Life, time, and events change with the years.
everyone, everything, have a time and day,
every moment, hour, day, month, and year,
all things have their turn to change with the time,
time to change, end, begin a new day,
change is life, the course of life everyday,
all things change, and we change with them all days.
only the Eternal one is constant,
all things in the universe, inconstant,..

fly, free.. and high..