Monday, June 25, 2007

A part of me................

These eyes c the world
but they lay themselves on only a few!
The heart skips a beat on every impulse.....
but what they like n what they yearn for, differ!

the character of the self.....
surprises the soul with tasteful irony
as if what it sees
is very different to what it feels!

the spheres of life twist n turn the paths
leaving the self wonder..........
whats in stored is an unknown future
the dream though clear!

the inside story of the soul remains unnoticed!
though there are diaries written abt it!
what these lines mean.....
are may b what i feel
but there are pages that havent bn explored!

the heart of the writer.....aches to be recognized.....
but the fate has it, that whn recognized, it cant take the bow!

the unexplored identity of the self has bn there so long.....
that it now is a major part of the soul!

a soul that thinks abt the world
wonders abt itself too.....
the heart that loves all
feels the yearn for love too!!

expectations may not b ideally a way of life
but the truth of expectation cannot b missed!
when they say that all that u do comes back to u.....
the self wonders of the age limit!

the make up seems so thick
that the nail doesnt pierce thru to feel the soul....

a soul, that dreams of things way more precious than the worldly wonders!

the chosen one n the chosen day is awaited eagerly...............

the maze of life may trick the self.....
but the yearning heart shall await....
for its these eyes that dreamt of a world.....
n these eyes....are a part of me!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


u look into the mirror
n see a faded replica...
is it truly u??
is that what u c..... ur identity?

the heart ponders that moment....
what was i to be, n what have i become!
the soul seems materialized n away.....
n an oily face appears to take its place!
the make up takes over ur unique flaws
hiding what may b ur sole possession!

the name given to beauty
a recognition so hollow!
the eyes that are covered with Kohl....
keep balance of ur tears at every blink!
ur lips bear that plastic smile...
that never fail to please the wrld!

what ur ears hear....n u think
are some what the worlds apart!
yet u never fail
to behave observant!

which face is true?
what is the real self?
what power does the heart hold
if it cant cry out for breath!

this world of beauty seems unattractive
when love is no more in the heart or the eyes!

what scope does a creation have?
when thorns today...have no identity!

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Lost Soul......

What realm I live in, is purely unknown
What my survival is for, remains a mystery!
A life of numbness is an understated expression
A sigh for life is all I breathe
I do not lack strength
I do not lack dreams
The path is so clear
My destiny, a hazy desire!
The search of these eyes
is an unquenched thirst
I walk through the walls
of a mirage filled world!
What would I reveal?
What would I keep safe?
For the secret no more lies within me!
I do not explain
I do not seek answers
For the Lord has been kind enough
to give me a pious soul!
I mortgage my strength to win the race
And at every step, my desires grow deeper!
My soul needs an identity
My name needs an address!!