Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Beauty.......

I see such beauty around.....
that i find myself ugly!
Appreciation comes with an envy
That yearns me to be atleast a percentage of it!
So much beauty, so much wonder.....
So realistic, so much without make up!

The charm of a virgin smile
beats that of a polished face.....
Eyes that gleam with the satisfaction
Of wearing that which it desired!

What all will i be able to compete to?
For neither am I charming, nor do i have a clear face!
Destined to make people beautiful
I realize, i can never be that doll!

I try hard to have that nearly perfect mirror
So i can adorn what i c in my eyes!
What use are those attributes
Which cant be used to the maximum!

I c scare in the eyes that are unknown
I feel the loneliness admist my own crowd!
As if I ain't cut out for this life.....
N the option is unknown!

I live with a silent pain
Thinking each night of remedies!
Knowing that i cant touch that horizon
But still I wish to try!

The dream fades as I realize my flaws
After all a happy soul makes ones smile real!
Inspiration is short lived
but the thirst of excellence increases!

So much beauty around
So much that God has gifted
n my contribution????
May be just a compliment!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Should u wait????

Something as precious as love comes into ur life.....
In the form of an intriguing look of the eye....
the heart starts to dream n wish....
without much thought about the finish line!
Each nite the heart prays to b together in destiny...
Without knowing if its a possibility!
Should u wait for something so unsure....
So much so that even the other soul's views are a mystery!
What holds the hope is something so pure....
For no other name for the moment exists for those desires!
Time seems to coagulate....
n the eye dreams with fear!
time tests not just ur minds wishes but also ur hearts......
But "wait" is all that one can do!
Can one face somebody else....if this desire is unattended?
Can u accept somebody else's proposal without being denied this dream??
What destiny does this desire hold?
when u cant share ur dream with anybody!
Silence remains the key word....
N this silence kills u....making u wonder if there was ne scope of finding out!
Though there is no option at the moment.....
Should u wait for that one look that u felt.......???????

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The ray of hope!

What happens when u knw ur mind?
What happens when u perfectly knw wht can make u happy??
U drive urself n others to the edge of madness!!!!!!
In a weird scenario such as this....
genuine suggestions get lost amidst the picture of ur ultimate goal!
the journey is quite long....
ur desire for a companion grows stronger!
the situation now becomes, where u knw ur need but fail to put it forth..
n it pushes u deeper into the pit of misery!
diversion is extremely short lived....
the option plan doesn't convince u enuf!
for a dream that started it all......
is there now eternally stagnant for the moment!
Hope is the most vague word.....
For both Luv n ur accomplishment!
the concept of desire makes u wonder.....
what if i had remained as usual....Clueless!
U were supposed to be sun shine....
For no matter how many few hours may they be!
U knew u wld shine....
only with warmth n not heat!
the world closes in....
as ,what was supposed to be ur season....makes its entry, but just without u!
The clues are now clueless.....
the mind searches for satisfactory answers!
I know...its impossible to satisfy humans...
But hey......God just might have goofed up on me!!
searching for that one ray of hope i lead this numb life
For well, i knw what shall make me alive!!