Thursday, December 28, 2006

THE C.C.D[Cafe Coffee Day] Clientele!!! was just one of those days... whn i had to wait for my charted bus time to gt home!n here i was sitting at CCd, Green Park...doing time pass...with cappuccino ordered!!
Read along to gt a feel of wht the crowd was like at that time!!!

The CCD clientele

Look arnd to c the world….
A weird humor fills ur heart!
At every table is a pair/ bunch….
Who think they are the coolest!
Look a bit further to find…
Book worms at coffee pubs!
What more can happen over a coffee??
Well…the scope never ends!!
Faces of all kinds…
Characters even more varied!!
People who comb their hair….
N ppl who haven’t for a century!
All think they r Drew!!
Hunks who honk….
& people who dress absurd!
Amongst all….am I trapped…
Who’s bugged enough to write!!
In come people….who think they own the place!
The same kings who cant pronounce “Excuse Me”!
Creatures that look at one & all…
Just to sigh…”why aint I with her!
Coziness increases with improving seats…
Well the desperate enjoy all that’s at disposal!
Life worse than dogs….
Then why brag abt money?
Humans here dress to kill…
Yes! All those who c them…can commit suicide!
Some get gals out on a date…
Well, they seem they could take adjournment!
Proudy, silly, cute, desperate, beautiful, dumb, disgusting…
Faces of all kinds…available here!
A good business for those who are brainy…
N a good time pass for those jobless!
The heat outside…is a great excuse
For all those, who like burn cash!
One gets the opportunity to c a hotshot…
Order…”Cold Water”
What a pain life seems…
When u r bugged to this extent…
That a sane person…Writes abt the insane!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


we all are different....we all are unique!
well, we do hear that once in a while!:) so....whts the whole idea of havin each person's space smell the same??
why does everybdy has to b as per norms??
i mean.....i knw ppl often think i just write well thats wht i am gd sure ppl wld may b they are gd at that!:)
so...plz bear with me n my blog n ofcourse my soul- poems!!
this is my soul n am sure ull hav ur soulful blog!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

what are people made of...????

What are people made of???
Soul, character, just bodies or something else??
Every figure that passes by…
Holds something on….that’s at stake!
Eyes that wander around…
Life shifts its sphere in every blink!
Wires attached n they move accordingly!
Here, there, everywhere
U notice a like feature…!
They live their lives without a reason to go on…
Still they do!
Efforts for sustenance…go unnoticed…
A gamble is all life seems to be…
Still v r happy!
Relations a maze…
Trust is just there!
Some are gifted with everything worldly…
N others aspire to hav them n spend…!
Dreams are all that one can own…
For everything else is already mortgaged!
If its smiles…
U sacrifice ur dear sorrow for it!
Look out of the window…
Just to feel n realize how trapped are u!
Choices no more are graded as good n bad…
They always are…bad n worse!
Boundaries expand, lines are redrawn…
Still u can’t survive!
Hopes shatter every now n then
Definitely we still hope for freedom!
I again am forced to ponder…
What r people made of?????

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The work shop!!

this poem was abt a terrible experience Dated:25th Nov,2005! we students were invited 2 attend a workshop on surface embellishments[thngs to do with texturing of fabric surface, eg:embroidery, etc] at JIMMS..another institute.. i managed to write a poem describin the minutes of this gr8 event!!well im posting this so that all u readers can feel equally priveledged in knowing what it was abt...well just in case u figure it let me know 2!!!!


Here we landed early morn
Into this place in a state of yawn!
In comes a lady asking for registration…
N we feel our brains moving into mode-Refrigeration!!
Escorted r we into this hall...
Where there r saris instead of paint on the wall!!
In comes the guest n the dean
We still wonder wht did they mean!
A grounded feeling is wht v get
On seeing the d├ęcor n the set!
What’s up with people??? We ponder aloud...
For we fail to follow what everything is abt!
A strange atmosphere surrounds us all
Sinking our minds into the fall!
God knows what struck us hard..
That v agreed to come!
The challenge as if preservation of our brain
Which is forced thru the drain!
An odour of dumbness surrounds us
As v pass thru the torture!
Nothings new that v hear
Yet all is unknown!
the breaks that are granted
Break us into pieces!
The competition so competent
Still v emerge invincible!
For our dumbness has no limits..
N the results hav no gimmicks!
The judges scratch their head, still unable 2 decide
Whos the best of the lot!
Ask me, it’s a sheer waste
Not only of time n paper but also patience!
Ini, mini, myni, moe….
Catch any one n let us go!
We are forced to wait
Till they do their time pass!!
Hopin against hope is all v can do
For neither can v sit nor can v go!
Don’t know what is it that they want…
Plz let us know n we’ll grant!
Alas! N at last! They gave away the prizes..
N as v knew it, it was a bunch of hardworking people!
Well! All v looked for was a good gala time..
N to know it, we had 1!
Of all the disasters this was the best
N I lied all abt it 2 them!!
A wonderful evening n a torturous one
After all it was all dumb work at this shop!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Unsaid Words

one of my fav poems...


Words r to b heard…
Tears r to b seen!
Life is to experience
Truth is to b realized!
Relations r to b maintained
But luv is to b felt!
The words heard may not b completely grasped
The tears may not b totally dry!
We may not learn through experience…
We may not realize fate!
The relations may change
N equally we forget to feel!
Every sigh, has a note…
Every touch, has a quote!
Every look has an expectation
Every deed has an explanation!
Silence says it all
But words r for which we fall!
Another feel, another look is all that is needed
But is easily ignored!
The depth of silence is missed 2 measure
Coz words r more of a pleasure!
The sigh that we were 2 quote
R thrown ignorantly off the boat!
A longing, a whisper… r all that these lips utter…
Worldly woes, fake sighs, r all in the mind that clutters!
The look in the eyes
Blink n ultimately die!
So easy it seems to blame luck n fortune…
Especially without bothering who’s humming what tune!
Luv is ignored to the core…
N people scream for luv to the Lord!
Feelings never die they say...
Which ones remains the question!
A life of numbness we lead…
Senses dead, n salvation the question!
Silence retains its beauty.
Waiting for the wrld 2 look into the mirror
Realization remains a quest…
For none hear these unsaid words!!!



An understated life…
An understated desire…
A life of jolts
A life, undertaken by wish!
Leading it on, surely a challenge
Undercover… or over… either ways!!
A hand full of desires
Open to feed others soul!
Eyes full of hope
To cater others hope!
A true self
An oily face
Trying to slip off the imbalance within
A fear to go off unnoticed
Yet an attempt to stay undercover!
A desire to spread smiles
A destiny to retreat satisfied!
One life is all that’s granted
A 1000 miles yet to cover!
The true self under make-up
Though none is used!
A fear to unleash what’s inside
For the outside turbulence is unbearable!
Ready to face life as it is n as it comes….
Yet… a desire for change persists!
That touch of light has to b mine
That touch… that frees all!
Trying to b transparent
With an opaque body!
A life, a soul, for all to look into n feel
Yet so personal…. So deep!
Though the obstacles not very huge
I desire a tight hug!
Faith in the eyes is all I need
A feeling of being accompanied
I shall fight, I shall bridge,
I shall b there…
But there must be some to come this side of the shore!
Awaiting their steps on the bank!
I can’t die if my mission remains
N another birth is a big gamble!
I await the moment to set me free
I shall be born from my tears…
For I am the Pheonix
That shall not take 500yrs any more!!
Ready to live… ready to luv…
This is me…

N this is what I shall be!!!