Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Stagnant Thought.....

everyday of my life
Just passes by
I donno what am i alive for!
Dreams n destinations, a chase
The heart worries each nite!
How to let go....
Rather..... why to let go???
For other than these...
Nothing is mine!
This beauty is somebody's gift.....
These brains are somebody's donation!
What do I have of my own?
For even my name is borrowed!
Friends, family.......are they mine?
Well, may b if not for me....somebody else's!
I got no character to brag about!
For its in tits n bits!!
Every night the soul cries out for answers....
Thinking of potential answerers!
every body's busy....with their woes..
n others, search for the non-existent hidden lines!
what will I touch other's lives with???....
when I, myself, dont feel alive!!!!!!!!


boobesh said...

This is the first time I am reading yr Blog and its mind blowing. I am new to blogging but I am quiet around here for some time. After reading some blogs I came across this one. It seems like jus a mirror of my mind. I am very thrilled to see a person of same vib.keep going .very good work.

Yuva said...

I dont know the purpose of my life
Iam a giant, i am carrying the earth on my back
I fighted in my battles and never be beaten
good people, bad people, people talked about lives
Beautyful nature, cities, human, feels lustily kissed me
all of them thiefs of a scene of the film of my life

I dont know the purpose of my life
but I do enjoy daily unscripted life

I dont know the purpose of my life
but i know when this time will come
when the purpose, ethical or not
I will understand,
a breeze will make me fall, with no purpose

I care not for today nor tomorrow
as long as it don't just end in meaningless sorrow
I fear no trouble or pain of gain
but I am gears; clutchless,
unresponsive without stimulus
sick of imitating imitations
drawn to fear all revelations
and I don’t have any more explanations…