Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life between the barbed wires.....................

We as humans drew boundaries
n supposedly safe guarded them with barbed wires
the thorns were never meant to hurt till u dont violate
they are harmless if u got the point!!

we as humans are suppose to be intellectual
we are better analyzers
the idea of making these boundaries have different opinions
the idea of limiting what God gave us as a gift, still remains unattended!

Look into ur soul
feel the reality

Look into urself
attend to ur drawn boundaries!

Ur every action is limited to a specific notion........
Even ur Love, is measured!

each line that u speak......
has to have several lines in between....
as if words clearly spoken....
are too complicated to be accepted!

We as n enjoy freedom....
But unknowingly crush smiles under various social names!

wht have our lives become??
why are v 2day so robotronic??

every breath of ours is owned....
coz we are use to being ruled!

the rain no more is a pleasure.....
it no more is a reason to dance!

hope 2day, is only the last thing that came out of Pandora's box......
nobody 2day wants to work towards betterment!!

why have we accepted being this way???????
is there no way to cut thru these barbed wires??

cant we actually enjoy n flourish wht the Lord gifted us!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

the Clash of a blood line

We started the journey as one..........
we diversified into different streams with course of time

the school of thght had a charm..............
with the same basics but exciting views!

each encounter was a wonderful journey....
each note a new milestone!!

with the division of the realm, we all got our slots......
some by choice n some....destiny!

yet the hearts beat on one beat
we all stood together tall!

The love of the soul never reduces
it only thickens n gets stronger!

the realms turned so luring
that we forgot to drops the bread crumps!

we are one.............
we have a heart alike!

each day now we try hard to adjust the light
we try hard to tell each other that we wont give up!

as tears roll down the cheek, i write
my love today finds no routes to reach them!

why am i so out numbered?
why am i misunderstood?

why am i not seen in light?
dont i deserve to love them akin????

Friday, February 15, 2008

Open Palms..................

My grip was may b too good............
The sand slipped through quite well

The hands once again are filled with the surrounding air
i have nothing new, but what nature offers!

I held on to something knowing it was fake
My optimism surpassed logic!

For once i defied my laws
Knowing that i wont get a bail!

call it fate or ignorance
i let it take over............

the sand never realized the touch of the palm..........
the skin was always an alien!

my palms feel the hollowness of the soul.............
as i c the oyster flow with the current!

wht the sand wondered is still hazy....
the particles though now are stuck to my palm

it may take time to have a clean hand again
for its not that easy to let go!

I realize wht happened had my bit of mistake...........
I search for a remedy!

may be sometimes things need not be confronted with determined notions....
may be sometimes u dont need to put ur soul in!

i stand at the sea shore with my palms open..........
I try hard to let go of the sand!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Impression by the minute........

i knew a soul all this long.....
a soul that breathes aloud!

i c its different shades all together
I c something ppl blissfully choose to ignore!

wht shd i tell it abt wht i think.....
for speechless am i by its aura!

something majestic...... something strong.....
a feeling of being safe gaurded by it all along!

its smile wld say so many things.......
those intense!

sometimes the world seems so normally balanced....
n sometimes it swipes me off my feet!

I feel the urge to listen to it timelessly
I feel as if im just a spec!

It tries to bring out my old self........
But i enjoy noticing it n uttering less!

the moment its away frm my eyes
i feel an urge to hold onto it!

sometimes i ponder if it sees wht i c
for clueless am i of wht it thinks!

i want to hear so much.....
i want the music to be on for ever!

i like being overshadowed by it.....
i like being under its warmth!

so much to say......
so much to confess!

Time never permits the day to b long enuf......
making me crib for an extra minute!!!