Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life between the barbed wires.....................

We as humans drew boundaries
n supposedly safe guarded them with barbed wires
the thorns were never meant to hurt till u dont violate
they are harmless if u got the point!!

we as humans are suppose to be intellectual
we are better analyzers
the idea of making these boundaries have different opinions
the idea of limiting what God gave us as a gift, still remains unattended!

Look into ur soul
feel the reality

Look into urself
attend to ur drawn boundaries!

Ur every action is limited to a specific notion........
Even ur Love, is measured!

each line that u speak......
has to have several lines in between....
as if words clearly spoken....
are too complicated to be accepted!

We as n enjoy freedom....
But unknowingly crush smiles under various social names!

wht have our lives become??
why are v 2day so robotronic??

every breath of ours is owned....
coz we are use to being ruled!

the rain no more is a pleasure.....
it no more is a reason to dance!

hope 2day, is only the last thing that came out of Pandora's box......
nobody 2day wants to work towards betterment!!

why have we accepted being this way???????
is there no way to cut thru these barbed wires??

cant we actually enjoy n flourish wht the Lord gifted us!!

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