Sunday, February 17, 2008

the Clash of a blood line

We started the journey as one..........
we diversified into different streams with course of time

the school of thght had a charm..............
with the same basics but exciting views!

each encounter was a wonderful journey....
each note a new milestone!!

with the division of the realm, we all got our slots......
some by choice n some....destiny!

yet the hearts beat on one beat
we all stood together tall!

The love of the soul never reduces
it only thickens n gets stronger!

the realms turned so luring
that we forgot to drops the bread crumps!

we are one.............
we have a heart alike!

each day now we try hard to adjust the light
we try hard to tell each other that we wont give up!

as tears roll down the cheek, i write
my love today finds no routes to reach them!

why am i so out numbered?
why am i misunderstood?

why am i not seen in light?
dont i deserve to love them akin????

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