Monday, July 17, 2006



An understated life…
An understated desire…
A life of jolts
A life, undertaken by wish!
Leading it on, surely a challenge
Undercover… or over… either ways!!
A hand full of desires
Open to feed others soul!
Eyes full of hope
To cater others hope!
A true self
An oily face
Trying to slip off the imbalance within
A fear to go off unnoticed
Yet an attempt to stay undercover!
A desire to spread smiles
A destiny to retreat satisfied!
One life is all that’s granted
A 1000 miles yet to cover!
The true self under make-up
Though none is used!
A fear to unleash what’s inside
For the outside turbulence is unbearable!
Ready to face life as it is n as it comes….
Yet… a desire for change persists!
That touch of light has to b mine
That touch… that frees all!
Trying to b transparent
With an opaque body!
A life, a soul, for all to look into n feel
Yet so personal…. So deep!
Though the obstacles not very huge
I desire a tight hug!
Faith in the eyes is all I need
A feeling of being accompanied
I shall fight, I shall bridge,
I shall b there…
But there must be some to come this side of the shore!
Awaiting their steps on the bank!
I can’t die if my mission remains
N another birth is a big gamble!
I await the moment to set me free
I shall be born from my tears…
For I am the Pheonix
That shall not take 500yrs any more!!
Ready to live… ready to luv…
This is me…

N this is what I shall be!!!

1 comment:

sangeeta said...

finally i decided to write somrthing:)
i know u for the past 10yrs and even if i didnt know u write this, i would have guessed. at least this would have reminded me of you.
this is so much like you, as u said the true self under make-up:)
and u dont only have 1000 miles to cover, much more, much much more.
happy blogging:)