Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The work shop!!

this poem was abt a terrible experience Dated:25th Nov,2005! we students were invited 2 attend a workshop on surface embellishments[thngs to do with texturing of fabric surface, eg:embroidery, etc] at JIMMS..another institute.. i managed to write a poem describin the minutes of this gr8 event!!well im posting this so that all u readers can feel equally priveledged in knowing what it was abt...well just in case u figure it out..do let me know 2!!!!


Here we landed early morn
Into this place in a state of yawn!
In comes a lady asking for registration…
N we feel our brains moving into mode-Refrigeration!!
Escorted r we into this hall...
Where there r saris instead of paint on the wall!!
In comes the guest n the dean
We still wonder wht did they mean!
A grounded feeling is wht v get
On seeing the d├ęcor n the set!
What’s up with people??? We ponder aloud...
For we fail to follow what everything is abt!
A strange atmosphere surrounds us all
Sinking our minds into the fall!
God knows what struck us hard..
That v agreed to come!
The challenge as if preservation of our brain
Which is forced thru the drain!
An odour of dumbness surrounds us
As v pass thru the torture!
Nothings new that v hear
Yet all is unknown!
the breaks that are granted
Break us into pieces!
The competition so competent
Still v emerge invincible!
For our dumbness has no limits..
N the results hav no gimmicks!
The judges scratch their head, still unable 2 decide
Whos the best of the lot!
Ask me, it’s a sheer waste
Not only of time n paper but also patience!
Ini, mini, myni, moe….
Catch any one n let us go!
We are forced to wait
Till they do their time pass!!
Hopin against hope is all v can do
For neither can v sit nor can v go!
Don’t know what is it that they want…
Plz let us know n we’ll grant!
Alas! N at last! They gave away the prizes..
N as v knew it, it was a bunch of hardworking people!
Well! All v looked for was a good gala time..
N to know it, we had 1!
Of all the disasters this was the best
N I lied all abt it 2 them!!
A wonderful evening n a torturous one
After all it was all dumb work at this shop!!!

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