Thursday, December 28, 2006

THE C.C.D[Cafe Coffee Day] Clientele!!! was just one of those days... whn i had to wait for my charted bus time to gt home!n here i was sitting at CCd, Green Park...doing time pass...with cappuccino ordered!!
Read along to gt a feel of wht the crowd was like at that time!!!

The CCD clientele

Look arnd to c the world….
A weird humor fills ur heart!
At every table is a pair/ bunch….
Who think they are the coolest!
Look a bit further to find…
Book worms at coffee pubs!
What more can happen over a coffee??
Well…the scope never ends!!
Faces of all kinds…
Characters even more varied!!
People who comb their hair….
N ppl who haven’t for a century!
All think they r Drew!!
Hunks who honk….
& people who dress absurd!
Amongst all….am I trapped…
Who’s bugged enough to write!!
In come people….who think they own the place!
The same kings who cant pronounce “Excuse Me”!
Creatures that look at one & all…
Just to sigh…”why aint I with her!
Coziness increases with improving seats…
Well the desperate enjoy all that’s at disposal!
Life worse than dogs….
Then why brag abt money?
Humans here dress to kill…
Yes! All those who c them…can commit suicide!
Some get gals out on a date…
Well, they seem they could take adjournment!
Proudy, silly, cute, desperate, beautiful, dumb, disgusting…
Faces of all kinds…available here!
A good business for those who are brainy…
N a good time pass for those jobless!
The heat outside…is a great excuse
For all those, who like burn cash!
One gets the opportunity to c a hotshot…
Order…”Cold Water”
What a pain life seems…
When u r bugged to this extent…
That a sane person…Writes abt the insane!!

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