Monday, July 17, 2006

Unsaid Words

one of my fav poems...


Words r to b heard…
Tears r to b seen!
Life is to experience
Truth is to b realized!
Relations r to b maintained
But luv is to b felt!
The words heard may not b completely grasped
The tears may not b totally dry!
We may not learn through experience…
We may not realize fate!
The relations may change
N equally we forget to feel!
Every sigh, has a note…
Every touch, has a quote!
Every look has an expectation
Every deed has an explanation!
Silence says it all
But words r for which we fall!
Another feel, another look is all that is needed
But is easily ignored!
The depth of silence is missed 2 measure
Coz words r more of a pleasure!
The sigh that we were 2 quote
R thrown ignorantly off the boat!
A longing, a whisper… r all that these lips utter…
Worldly woes, fake sighs, r all in the mind that clutters!
The look in the eyes
Blink n ultimately die!
So easy it seems to blame luck n fortune…
Especially without bothering who’s humming what tune!
Luv is ignored to the core…
N people scream for luv to the Lord!
Feelings never die they say...
Which ones remains the question!
A life of numbness we lead…
Senses dead, n salvation the question!
Silence retains its beauty.
Waiting for the wrld 2 look into the mirror
Realization remains a quest…
For none hear these unsaid words!!!


zack said...

i like this one the most out of the entire lot...

Jasmine said...
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