Saturday, January 28, 2012

What more?

no matter what i do,
i never feel as if ive touched the mark........
no matter how hard i try, im made to feel inadequate!
my smile never lasts no matter how much i stretch my lips
my tears see no end as if the supply is unlimited...

i really dont understand the reasons though....
for all of this emotional turmoil.....
i fail to understand wht more i need to let go of...
my hands are already empty!

even after being surrounded by so many ppl...
im made to feel lonely...
why is my fate a question unanswered!

i try n satisfy my heart with what ever i have...
n still im made to feel empty!

i donno what more to do....
to deserve a smile thats worth Me!


Boobesh said...

Just be you.. carry a smile always.. ppl who care dosnt expect anything more from you than jus being true you..
been here after a long time.... love to see you write more..

Vivek Krishnan said...

more than the words, the emotion in your little poem caught my attention and I wrote something that I didn't initially think was really something everyone could appreciate.... as an afterthought.. thought should let you know... Incidentally, I sent this to somebody interim and it made her feel better.... a touch of philosophy i guess.... to the talented ASHA that I've's a small inspiration from this naacheez...

Pained as I was, breaking off what I considered my family
sway I did, hopped, bounced, landing on the ground in a manner ever so clumsy
Only to be lifted by a feathered friend
who bothered and cared where I should land
In his beak I was, flying the skies, reaching afar in to the sky
where I knew not I could fly.
we together did a lovely wheely, up in the sky
land I did soon enough, a trifle higher than where I had fallen off
joining hands with so many like me, together we formed a large circle
Warmed up we were in layers, as I looked around
The sight of little teeny fledlings amongst us
made me realize, we were its home
He made everything happen, it dawned
He had planned all this for me, and yet here I was
feeling alone, far, orphaned, ostracized by the world at large
to take all my cries, and yet be beside me required a heart very large
happy as I am far from my early, infant thoughts, a moment I take
to thank HIM, for he was the tree, he was the bird, he was the nest,
his was the home,
I was only a twig..........