Sunday, February 06, 2011


ive always believed that its a persons beliefs that make a character....
it sets the standards fr people to knw their line!
but many a times ive seen myself fail in putting across my point
in making ppl acknowledge the seriousness of my principles!

i knw attimes i may not completely justify asserting my beliefs,
but it hurts me to accept that ppl change their wrds n im made to live wid things that are against my beliefs!
i just cant accept this defeat!
i may attimes be graceful about their feelings n not make an issue
but i cant deny that i feel hurt!
the only thing that crosses my mind is wht if i too repeated wht they did to me
....changed my wrds n later made up by being upfront n say its btr on face than behind their back!

i knw i need to look past these small issues......
but i often wonder....wld others too b that gracious?

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