Sunday, July 29, 2007

The nomad's soul.....

i open my eyes to a new dimension......
they burn with extacy!
this realm now turns into a desire
as i explore through these paths

my heart beat increases with every passing thought
i wonder......if this is my real destiny?

the wounds of time remind n warn
that things may not be as they seem!
my senses hesitate to trust
for the real world hasnt been very pleasing!

my dreams tease this seeming reality!

my soul recognizes this urge as a new era......
where it breathes out a make over

the life of a wanderer seeks a destination
in the eyes of this new love!

this touch awakens mixed feelings
what to hold on to, i wonder!

my soul remains undercover
as this world is still new!

i scan through the different levels
to feel excitement n resentment!

i knew this phase shall come......
but not this way!

this era takes me up by surprise
n I flow along its irresistible lust!

things that i had kept safe
now are an open secret!

my eyes so vivid
n my breath agitated..............

the heart pounds harder
my pulse rises.........
the heart of this nomad.....stands a bit confused....
for this world is very enduring n very much unknown!

the barbarian soul....falls for a loving atmosphere
where strength is a synonym to love!

the eternity nears an end....
as the eyes of a primitive, open up to a new world!

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