Wednesday, June 13, 2007


u look into the mirror
n see a faded replica...
is it truly u??
is that what u c..... ur identity?

the heart ponders that moment....
what was i to be, n what have i become!
the soul seems materialized n away.....
n an oily face appears to take its place!
the make up takes over ur unique flaws
hiding what may b ur sole possession!

the name given to beauty
a recognition so hollow!
the eyes that are covered with Kohl....
keep balance of ur tears at every blink!
ur lips bear that plastic smile...
that never fail to please the wrld!

what ur ears hear....n u think
are some what the worlds apart!
yet u never fail
to behave observant!

which face is true?
what is the real self?
what power does the heart hold
if it cant cry out for breath!

this world of beauty seems unattractive
when love is no more in the heart or the eyes!

what scope does a creation have?
when thorns today...have no identity!

1 comment:

iamyuva said...

signifies complexity
identifies with reality
the bearer of all vanity

I asked myself who iam.
I was looking for identity too,
I heard the silent of my soul.
No answer...
I looked at the stars one by one.
They asked for identity too!