Friday, January 19, 2007

My Past Mirror....

often whn i look arnd in public places...i c ppl rather gals who seem to b my past's mirror!their appearance may b different, as in they may b short or stout...! wht i am reminded really is frm their way of dressing! it may b coz of being a designer, clothes strike me first!
but believe me...many a times I c gals who look like my "Christmas past"! being clad in a typical salwaar kameez...a sweater n may b a shawl...with thick frame glasses..n a pony tail...with that pony tail replaced with a plait... it wld hav bn me!!!!
for im frm a typical south indian family...n thats how i was!
Im sure those who hav seen me now can imagine me then! a major part of life has bn that ways...with this present time eligible to b termed a revolution!
those girls for sure remind me of times whn i was seldom allowed to wear westerns!n that style of wearing a pair of narrow cut jeans [they were "in" then!] with hip length shirts n later tops! only after my second year did i discover that long awaited sense of style n well though not too quite better off today!
these lovely girls remind me every now n then of my journey...may b just to make sure, I DON'T FORGET MY PAST!!

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