Monday, July 14, 2008

The tears of emotions.................

A long time ago did i hear.................
"emotions dont follow logic"............

the more we humans try to control our emotions
the more we slip into the well!!

these emotions being the very basis of our survival teach us a lot
we almost go thru every disaster thanks to them!

being unheard is the most common dread that we suffer!!

how many of them, do we hear???

agony gets in our way to liberation
we hear more hatred n c less love!

how long do we intend to crib??
how long wld the torture keep us alive??

i look into myself to find my feelings dead
mayb now all im good at, are wrds.....

for every emotion today is a feeling of the past
my emotions today are aggressive but bland!

i may be gettin good at faking myself as an emotionally attached person
i feel strongly for ppl but actually feel nothing!

as if my compromises have bn made.............
as if my idea of liberation has bn met!

i dont deny caring for ppl
i respect my desire to keep ppl happy!

but i fail to make ppl feel better
they now, more often miss my point!

my idea of happiness today varies
i live by the moment!

my life isnt a bed of roses
but neither do i feel the thorns!

i still live for others
i still strive for their happiness!

whtever i write 2day is a bag of mixed emotions
my present............compares me to my past!

ive gone thru a lot of changes
as if a "been there done that" feeling is all that is left!

my tears 2day are weirdly uninvited
my emotions 2day are hollow!

for i dont feel the pinch of love
but words filled with pleasure surround me!

these tears once were my identity, my feelings............
today............ just another expression!!

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